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Parliament’s online photo service

Welcome to the Parliament’s online photo service

This service provides photos of current MPs, the architecture of the Parliament building and parliamentary work.

The images may be used in news reporting and other communications aimed at public information dissemination. The images may also be used in blogs and social media. The images are available free of charge but users are required to accept the terms and conditions of use.

Images other than those available on the image service can be requested from library.photoarchive(at)parliament.fi or by phone from +358 9 432 3444.

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To use the Parliament’s online service, you are required to accept the terms and condition of use.

Use "demo" as User Name and Password if you do not have a login.

If you skip login, you may download images only in website resolution. If you require images in printable resolution, please use a separate order form for each image.

Forgotten your username or password? Please contact library.photoarchive(at)parliament.fi

Terms and conditions of use

You can freely browse the content of the online photo service. Note however, that restrictions apply on the use of images, which need to be observed when using the photos.

The images provided by the Parliamentary Office may not be manipulated and they may not be used in violation of good practice. Persons depicted in the images must be acknowledged in all uses and, if necessary, their permission to use the image must be separately obtained. Images may not be used for advertising or marketing purposes or for commercial gain. They may not be archived and the right to publish may not be transferred to a third party.

The photographer or copyright holder (photographer/Parliament of Finland) must be acknowledged according to good practice.

User credentials to the photo service

You may download photographs of printable quality from the service with your personal user credentials. User credentials are primarily intended for the representatives of the media.

The previous organisation-specific user credentials are no longer valid. In the future, the service may only be accessed with personal user credentials.

User credentials to the photo service may be requested at the photo archive’s email address library.photoarchive(at)parliament.fi.

Parliament’s photo archive

The photo archive holds more than 160,000 images relating to the Parliament of Finland, only a fraction of which is available online. The collection includes images mainly from the 1960s and later. There are only sporadic items of older material.

Tel. +358 9 432 3444